It is a well known theory that money spent on pavement preservation consent to significantly save in future rehabilitation costs. A specific road asset management program protects the taxpayers' investment, lowers life cycle costs, delays future deterioration, extends pavement life, reduces user delays during reconstruction and improves the overall functional condition of the road network.
Asphalt ages and becomes more susceptible and brittle after exposure to ultraviolet sunlight as well as hot and cold temperatures. Traffic wears asphalt off of the road surface and initiates micro-damage and eventual fatigue cracking. Any construction abnormalities can cause surface defects. In some areas prolonged exposure to humidity can de-bond the asphalt from the aggregate, and, if allowed to penetrate through cracks, water washes away the underlying pavement base structure. Without maintenance, these conditions cause cracking, disruption in the surface, loss of skid resistance and loss of structural strength.
By treating pavements before there is major damage, it is effectively possible to prolong pavement life.
There are a variety of treatments available for effectively keeping “good pavements good.”
Choosing the right treatment can make the best use of funds and give taxpayers smooth and safe roads while avoiding more expensive reconstruction and extended road closures.
Through GeneralStrade S.p.A. is possible to get a full range of asphalt products for your pavements. In addition, you’ll receive technical assistance in selecting the right materials and application. The company's Certified Laboratory makes sure the products meet your specifications.

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