The company produces a full range of asphalt products meeting ASTM, AASHTO, CNR and other local specifications for building, maintaining, rehabilitating, recycling and preserving roads. The company also manufactures numerous specialty asphalts, adapted to customers' needs and specifications. GeneralStrade S.p.A. also provides technical assistance to helpthe customers to select the right materials and applications for specific projects.The main products are the following:

    A great variety of hot mix asphalts
    High technological quality, special and patented asphalts
    Primary and dried aggregates
    Recycled asphalts
    Asphalt emulsions

The company combines the product knowledge to the best executive technology due to the high ability, expertise and experience of its technicians and workforce, in order to exceed every kind of expectation and absolutely meet the required specifications.
In addition the company’s staff is constantly researching new special products and ways to enhance product performance.

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